Hermione Granger (magic_mione) wrote in astronomy_tower,
Hermione Granger

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I have this odd feeling about circumstances around here lately. First of all, I myself seem to be having some sort of personal crisis that I can't even pinpoint, though I swear that anything unpleasant either has a solution in a book somewhere, or can be ignored until it goes away. I believe that in this case I shall try the latter.

And yesterday evening, I actually had a conversation with Draco Malfoy. He was acting rather strangely himself, and I didn't want to throttle him by the end of it, so *that* was odd.

And today I passed Harry in the corridor and he didn't even seem to notice me - appeared to be lost in some sort of dreamy daze, actually. Sort of looked like Ginny when she was talking to me about Bastien the other day, except for a million times worse.

Is everyone around here going nuts, or is it just me?
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