Ron Weasley (no_spiders) wrote in astronomy_tower,
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Hullo Hogwarts!

I cannot believe how bloody much homework our professors have been giving us. It's as if they don't want us to have any sort of a social life. I regret not signing up for Ancient Runes: I could use a homework free week in at least one of my classes. Hermione, you'd be very proud of me; I've been doing all of my assignments as soon as they've been assigned and quite frankly, I'm bloody sick of it!

I need to get out and DO something, though from what I've seen and heard, not much is going on in this place anyway. It's been too quiet now that the twins have left; they were always good for a laugh. Come to think of it, I've not seen Ginny around much either. Ginny, dear, do come find me sometime. We've not had a chat in ages!!

HARRY! Where are you, mate? I'm dying for a good game of Wizard's chess!!! And Hermione too, the three of us need to get's been much to long!!!
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