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If you are interested in joining this community, please read the post in the moderators journal (there is only one) as there is important information listed. silky_slytherin

If you only want to double check what characters are taken, the 'Active Characters' list is right at the bottom. Scroll away!

THIS is yet another Harry Potter Role Playing community.

How to Join
If you want to get into some Harry Potter Role Play, please send me an e-mail listed above (goldmyne@hotmail.com) and give me a sample of what you'd write IN character. First Person and Third person samples please.

Canon? Characters?
Characters are limited to anyone thats ever been mentioned in the Harry Potter books, but I would hardly consider that limiting since lots of them have only been mentioned once,(Like Orla Quirke) so you could almost consider that like a new character.

For Harry and his Gang of followers and fiends, I'd like to have them in their 7th year (But feel free to 'pretend' that Oliver Wood and Marcus Flint still attend Hogwarts) and for the beginning let's just say everyone else is too.
If enough people join we'll start sorting people out.

I'd like to see everyone post once or twice a week, especially as we're getting things going. Lots of interaction will attract people.

We'll build the rules as we go.

The ONLY restrictions are thus:

The MAIN community is for first person 'journal' postings, and your personzl journal is for all third person RP style postings. THIRD person. Don't do "I turn around and see you, then I move forward with a smile." PLEASE do "Draco turned around and saw Hermione, he gave a sneer that passed for a smile and moved forward."

It works, I've seen it work, but I'd love to see more of a 'Hogwarts has been given computers to experiment with and every student has started to interact over a 'Hogwarts Message Board', so everyone can see your posts, and everyone can reply.
This will make it tons of fun when people like Harry and Draco start in on each other.

nocturne_alley is an excellent reference for what I mean in terms of posts. Sadly, they aren't taking new people right now.

Things to know:
-This will be an adult community of slash, femmslash and het. Whatever you want, so go for it. (Hence the notorious 'Astronomy Tower' title)
-There are a few character restrictions (for right now) so everyone can get away with everything. They are as follows;

Professor Dumbledore
Ministry Officials (except Arthur Weasley)
Percy Weasley
Narcissa Malfoy
Voldemort (which includes Tom Riddle)

If you're wondering about the Malfoys, and Percy. There are storyline reasons, and I'll explain them if you want to know. :)
I'll add more if I think of any. But staff are free for all.

And of course, I am your moderator silky_slytherin and if you're up to something I don't like or find rude or consistently post in a way that doesn't fit, I'll let you know with fire and brimstone. :)

Can't wait to get started, so don't be shy and e-mail me!

**Active Characters**

Harry Potter (mister_h_potter)
Ron Weasley (no_spiders)
Ginny Weasley (redheadedginny)
Hermione Granger (magic_mione)

Draco Malfoy (lion_eater)
Blaise Zabini (blaise_of_glory)
Lark Greengrass (little_lark)
Gabrielle Delacourt (minature_veela)
Tracey Davis (tracey_shmacey)
Zoe Draiken (moonlit_draiken)

Padma Patil (padma_arse)
Terry Boot (mister_boot)
Roger Davies (captain_davies)
Lisa Turpin

(Please note all Hufflepuff Characters are up for adoption)
Ernie MacMillan
Justin Finch Fletchley (justin_time)
Hannah Abbot (hannah_bananah)

Severus Snape (potente_potions)
Remus Lupin (lupus_lupin)
Alastor Moody (madeye)
Maeve Florence (rune_caster)
Pomona Sprout(puffapod_sprout)

Owl Post (owl_poste)
Moaning Myrtle (down_the_ubend)

This list is for "Available Characters" who we'd love to see adopted and join in our game! Some you will see in the forum and are already posting, thats okay. They are still available to the public. :) Some adoptables have journals next to their names. These are the journals that come with they character.

Minerva McGonigall (deputy_mistress)
Pansy Parkinson (prettie_pansie)
Parvati Patil
Oliver Wood
Cho Chang
Professor Sinistra
Millicent Bulstrode
Seamus Finnigan
Lavendar Brown (lavish_lavendar)
Neville Longbottom (cowardly_lion)
Professor Victoria Vector (vector_vectoria)
Justin Finch-Fletchley (justin_time)
Hannah Abbott (hannah_bananah)
Nomad Moon (idyll_stride)**
Chance Warrington (royal_flush)**
Argus Filch
Fred Weasley
George Weasley
Penelope Clearwater
Malcolm Baddock**
Ernie MacMillan
Poppy Pomfrey
Eloise Midgen
Lisa Turpin
Dean Thomas
Katie Bell
Alicia Spinnet
Marcus Flint
Susan Bones
Colin Creevey
Dennis Creevy
Angelina Johnson
Lee Jordan
Natalie MacDonald**
Mandy Brocklehurst
Stephen Cornfoot
Su Li**
Morag MacDougal
Stewart Ackerly**
Orla Quirke**
Stewart Ackerly
Adrian Pucey

**(All names with stars may not register with you as names from Harry Potter. All names listed have been taken from the Harry Potter Lexicon, located at: http://www.i2k.com/~svderark/lexicon/hogwarts_students.html)

Many more names appear on the Lexicon then I have listed here, feel free to chose any of them to play!

For an extended version of information, and some FAQ about Harry Potter Role Playing, visit the moderator journal silky_slytherin which has been set up for this type thing. :)
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